A new home


Three months of stalking craigslist, 4 hours of driving, and we finally brought home a loom. I’ve been saving Christmas and birthday money in a piggy bank like a little kid while waiting for the right loom to come along.  A lovely woman in Western Mass had stopped using her loom and wanted hers to…
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My Inner Geek


Robot Factory by Caleb Gray Studio for Robert Kaufman As a general rule, I try not to buy fabric unless I have a project in mind.  So recently, when I ran across some green circuit board fabric, I failed to buy it immediately.  But after a drive home and two seconds of thought I decided…
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Art. Life. Love.

London from the Thames

London from the Thames River. Summer of 2012.  London. I went to the Victoria and Albert museum today in South Kensington. In London.  3500 miles from home in Boston. The Victoria and Albert museum describes itself as the best art and design museum in the world.  Those are big words.  But ok, I take it…
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To Grandmother’s House


My first quilt on the “photo chair”. Pattern is Nine-Path Variation from Start Quilting with Alex Anderson. One day in the spring of 2011, I got the intense itch to sew something.  While looking for materials for another project, I stumbled into a truly amazing quilt shop and fell in love with the fabric.  I…
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A letter of welcome!

Cross stitch by Fay for her daughter Hello, Hi.  I’m Sarah and I’m Fay’s daughter. Fay is my mom and she taught me how to sew as a little kid.  Her mom called her Fay and likewise taught her how to sew. I’ve always sewn, off and on, but about 18 months ago I really…
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